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Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning

Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning provides professional and reliable septic tank emptying and drain unblocking services to customers throughout Waterford and the surrounding areas, including New Ross, Carrick-on-Suir, Clonmel, Glenmore, and Dungarvan.

With over 15 years of experience, we are experts in the waste management industry. Our range of services are designed to quickly and efficiently deal with any drain and septic tank blockages. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a professional and friendly service at the most competitive price.

  • Septic Tank Emptying

  • Biocyle Cleaning

  • Drain Unblocking

  • Sludge Removal

  • Jetting

  • CCTV Drain Surveys

  • Pre Purchase Inspections

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Emergency Service

  • Swimming Pool Cleaning

  • Caravan Parks

  • Mobile Homes

Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning is a fully licenced and insured company and we hold all the necessary waste disposal permits.

Septic Tank Emptying

Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning provides residential, commercial and industrial customers with high quality septic tank emptying services.

A septic tank is an effective method of treating wastewater from toilets in houses which are not connected to the mains. Septic tanks allow the treated effluent to drain from the tank’s outlet pipe to soak away. During this process waste material settles like sludge at the bottom of the tank. This sludge needs to be removed regularly in order to ensure that your septic tank continues to work properly.

Our tankers with their powerful vacuum and on-board water supply can empty and wash septic tanks and cesspools quickly and safely. Waste disposal of the sewage is carried out afterward, and all spillages are cleaned up if your tank has overflowed.

Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning is also available to empty and clean biocycle units.
Biocylce units digest solid wastes and purify wastewater using controlled natural processes. This clean, odourless water is then reused and recycled through garden drippers or sprinklers or through subsurface irrigation systems. As with traditional septic tanks, biocycle units need to be emptied regularly to ensure they work effectively.

For Professional Septic Tank Emptying and Drain Unblocking and a Free Quote, Call Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning Today

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Drain Unblocking

Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning is an expert and experienced drain cleaner. Using high pressure water jetting we can quickly and efficiently address all drain related problems. Jetting is the best way to eliminate any grease, dirt or debris that has built up in your pipes. If your drains are overflowing or are blocked then Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning will have them back in working order in no time.

  • Kitchen Sinks

  • Toilet Drains

  • Storm Drains

  • Showers

  • Baths

  • Sewage Drains

  • Bathroom Sinks

  • Floor Drains

  • Pipes

We understand the difficulties that can arise from blocked drains and the importance of having problems rectified quickly. If you are experiencing any kind of drain issues that get in touch with Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning.

CCTV Inspections

CCTV Surveying is an accurate method of identifying and diagnosing a suspected fault in drains or pipelines. With state-of-the-art camera technology, Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning can easily check the condition of your pipes while also identifying current faults or areas where future problems may occur. CCTV Inspections allow us to examine areas that are otherwise very difficult to access.

Once we have carried out the inspection, the results will be used to determine the most practical and cost-effective method of repair. We provide each customer with a detailed report of the findings, the condition of their pipes and any necessary repair works.

Problems that can be identified include:

  • Collapsed Pipes

  • Broken Pipes

  • Deformed Pipes

  • Blockages

  • Root Growth

  • Failed Pipe Connections

  • Surface Damage

  • Rodent Problems

  • Damaged Gullies and Chambers

  • Jetting Damage

  • Poor Workmanship

  • Third Party Damage

Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning's CCTV Drain Inspection service is designed with the convenience of our customers in mind. We aim to alleviate some of the stress and frustration associated with unidentified drain problems.

for Experienced and Reliable CCTV Inspections and a Free Quote, Call Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning Today

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Pre-Purchase Surveys

Before buying a house, a pre-purchase CCTV survey is an effective way to ensure that all pipework and drainage systems are in good working condition. Pre -Purchase surveys eliminate the risk of potential problems in the years to come which may need expensive repairs.

Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning understands how stressful buying a new home can be, and our pre-purchase CCTV surveys will give you peace of mind. Our comprehensive report will detail any current issues or future problem areas that should be rectified.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

At Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning we also provide an expert and professional swimming pool cleaning service. We quickly and effectively remove all dirt and debris from your pool and use the appropriate chemical and equipment to ensure a deep clean of the tiles. Our swimming pool cleaning service guarantees a safe swimming environment and is offered at the most competitive rates.


Maintenance is important to keep your Grease Trap in order, avoiding blockages.

To Avail of Our Pre-Purchase Surveys or Swimming Pool Cleaning Services, Call Michael Widger Septic Tank Cleaning today.

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